PortaCharger Generators

The PortaCharger is a high-powered and cordless electrical energy generator. The PortaCharger was created to rapidly and continuously push high current into vehicle batteries to recharge them quickly, enabling even the largest diesel engine to be started with ease.

PortaCharger Models

1240 – 12V, 40 amp, hand carry

2440 – 24V, 40 amp, hand carry

12200 – 12V, 200 amp, cart mounted

24200 – 24V, 200 amp, cart mounted

PortaCharger Specifcations



PortaCharger only uses 4hp and larger Honda GX series engines for all of our models. To ensure that you, the end user, are never underpowered we double the required hp in all of our units.

The Honda GX120 and larger engines are rated for a 5000 hour lifespan, compared to the typical lawnmower engine which is rated at 500 hours, or 10% of the PortaCharger. The Honda GX series engines carry a 3 year warranty directly from Honda, serviceable at most small engine shops.



PortaCharger uses only the latest and most efficient alternators available today. These alternators are exactly the same type and use the same technology as the alternators found under the hood of today’s most demanding vehicles.

The alternators found in the PortaCharger models have a design life of 150,000 miles in their traditional application, and are constructed to be operated continuously in air temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. An onboard regulator controls and ensures the proper charging voltage and will not overcharge the battery. In addition, they are lightweight, efficient, amazingly durable, and maintenance free.



Each PortaCharger comes with a set of high quality 20’, 4 gauge copper booster cables. The generous 20’ length allows the PortaCharger to connect, from a distance, to batteries which may be otherwise be inaccessible due to their placement in remote compartments.

Usability is a major concern, so the PortaCharger cables include features to make using the unit easier. First, the cables incorporate a tool-less, high-current, quick disconnect feature in the end that attaches to the PortaCharger. Secondly, the cables have a bi-color LED build into the cable end connection which aids in detecting if the polarity of the cables has been observed correctly during connection to the vehicle (green=OK, red=reversed). The LED functions in voltages as low as 2 volts, to sense correct polarity on even the most discharged batteries.

If 20’ cables are not enough, matching extension cables are available in our accessory section to extend the cable length in 20’ increments.

Do you want a specific piece of equipment or vehicle to be PortaCharger ready in even less time? We offer the same 20’ cables, with ring terminal ends that can be mounted on the battery in a permanent fashion.



The hand carry PortaChargers are designed as just that, They are made to be single hand carried to the location where needed. A rugged tube frame, with vibration mounted engine and centered top handle, provide for an efficient yet durable unit that is both easy to store and transport. Transporting the PortaCharger does not require more than one person, or even two hands!



The PortaCharger is handsomely supplied with a cable bag, cable clamp, engine oil, and Stabil fuel additive.

As with any emergency generator type device, you never know when it will be needed. We strongly recommend the continuous use of Stabil fuel additive to ensure that your PortaCharger is ready to use, even after long rest periods.


Please contact us with any questions you have about our generators or to order a PortaCharger today.