About PortaCharger

PortaCharger was founded by an engineer with over 15 years of experience in the automotive field, specifically in the area of designing vehicle starting and charging. Recognizing the need for a better solution for portable charging units, PortaCharger was born by combining a knowledge and understanding of the useful attributes of vehicle alternators with the personal hobby of building small engines.

The PortaCharger Standards for Quality

The PortaCharger line of DC portable generators is built upon the belief that high quality components produce high quality products for the end-user. To ensure that our DC portable generators will meet the needs of our consumers, we use:

  • Honda GX series engines
    • The Honda GX120 & larger sized engines are rated for 5000 hours of use; compared to the typical lawn mower engine which is rated for 500hrs.
  • Mitsubishi alternators
    • Mitsubishi alternators are new, not remanufactured or refurbished, and have a design life of 150,000 miles when used in an automotive environment. These alternators are the same efficient and durable technology as used in today's latest and most advanced vehicles.

In addition to using the highest quality engines and alternators, our DC portable generators have a strong full-surround cage frame with rubber isolated engine mounts, and include tool-less detachable high current 20' cables/connectors that can reach almost anywhere.

PortaCharger Billing

Charges made to your credit card for the purchase of PortaCharger products will appear on your statement as PLS Enterprise.