PortaCharger DC Portable Generators

Innovative DC Power

PortaCharger has developed a line of DC generators that are efficient, cost-effective, and portable. With models designed to be carried with one hand, PortaCharger is changing the way backup power and battery charging is supplied to industries where portable energy creation is a concern.

When the cables just won't reach, PortaCharger is up to the challenge.

Completely cordless and self-regulating, PortaCharger DC portable generators are the ideal power backup or charger for anywhere where traditional methods of powering are not feasible.

Better Than a Jump Box

The PortaCharger DC portable generator out performs the standard jump box. Battery jump boxes only start engines in a good state of tune, and only a few times before needing to be recharged. With the PortaCharger, not only is it more powerful than a battery charger, as long as there is gasoline there will be enough high current DC jumping power to power up even the most stubborn batteries.

*Patent Pending